la experiencia vale la pena…Gente amable y educada que todavía guardan respeto al profesional medico

Dr Ana Maria Fernandez, Spanish GP

Munkaterhelésem fokozatosan épült fel, így tudtam alkalmazkodni a rendszerhez, különös tekintettel a nyelvi belerázódásra, anélkül hogy jelentős problémát...elérhető életszínvonal kitűnő

Dr Daniel Kurthy, Hungarian GP

Praca w charakterze Lekarza Rodzinnego w Irlandii była i nadal jest wielką przygodą i wyzwaniem...Dała mi możliwość rozszerzenia i udoskonalenia mojego doświadczenia zawodowego.

Dr Marzenna Majewska, Polish GP

Η εταιρεία βοηθάει κάθε νέο γιατρό με όλες τις διαδικασίες, είναι άψογη στη συνεργασία της με τους γιατρούς... είναι φιλική, φιλόξενη και ανθρώπινη. Σύντομα αισθάνεσαι μέλος της ομάδας και νοιάζεσαι, εκτός από τους ασθενείς σου, και για την εταιρεία σου.


Dr Andreas Skarpelos, Greek GP

Stanwood Medical Services

Stanwood Medical Services Ltd is a medical services provider managed by doctors. We provide family doctors/GPs to work in medical practices and out of hours services throughout Ireland. We are a pan-European company that has built up an excellent reputation with both our clients and our doctor employees.

For new doctors that are interested in working with our company please take a look at our testimonial page to view experiences from other European doctors who have joined our team.

All new employees are provided with a pre-employment orientation course in an Irish medical practice and support and advice is given where needed throughout the employment process.

To our clients Stanwood Medical Services provide suitably qualified GPs to cover daytime surgery in their practice and cover for out of hours services throughout the country. We aim to provide a cost effective, efficient service in a friendly and professional manner.

A large proportion of our business is repeat or by recommendation and we strive to always meet our client’s needs.